Digital Health Coaching

Digital Health Coaching is what people need to make the most (and make sense) out of their wearable devices.


DHC is the scalable layer of service with a human face/voice I have hinted to in my previous article titled: “Wearable devices, Health apps, what’s next?” .

Even if we are only at the beginning of this revolution and the category is very much growing, the trend is signaling that fitness wearables per se are not nearly enough to make people replace their old habits with new, healthier ones.

A study conducted by Endeavour Partners shows that, as of June 2014, about a third of owners of smart wearables still abandon these devices after six months.

If we want to become healthier, experience more wellness, balance and ultimately more happiness, we have to get on a path of behavioral change.

Technology (wearables and apps) can provide a powerful platform for qualified health, fitness and wellness practitioners of all stripes to help people make sustainable, long term changes via a data driven approach with a human touch.

What is your personal experience of the impact of wearable technologies on fitness & wellness?

What opportunities and/or threats do you foresee?

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