How yoga helped get the Seahawks to the Super Bowl again

I will start with a couple of necessary disclaimers: I am no football expert and do not intend to put anyone on a pedestal.

So, when I look at the Seahawks returning to the Super Bowl for the second consecutive year by pulling off a stunning win against the Packers, I do it through the lens of karma yoga, the yoga of doing from a place of being.

Russell Wilson Credit: Photograph by Peter Yang

Russell Wilson and Jermaine Kearse, who followed through a game-long awful performance by making key plays in clutch time, when all seemed lost, are highly paid professionals and humans beings like you and I, with their own shortcomings. So there’s no need to elevate them to semi-god status.

We can learn a lot from the behavior they both exhibited on the field under immense pressure.

Russell Wilson was a great example of staying with what is, including playing very poorly for almost the entire regular time. He kept showing up fully to the present moment with trust, discipline and commitment. Every professional athlete, not to mention an elite quarterback like Russell, is a competitor and trained “not to give up.” That is expected, it is a given at this level. The third chakra of these athletes is fully formed and fortified, sometimes even too much.

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Digital Health Coaching

Digital Health Coaching is what people need to make the most (and make sense) out of their wearable devices.


DHC is the scalable layer of service with a human face/voice I have hinted to in my previous article titled: “Wearable devices, Health apps, what’s next?” .

Even if we are only at the beginning of this revolution and the category is very much growing, the trend is signaling that fitness wearables per se are not nearly enough to make people replace their old habits with new, healthier ones.

A study conducted by Endeavour Partners shows that, as of June 2014, about a third of owners of smart wearables still abandon these devices after six months.

If we want to become healthier, experience more wellness, balance and ultimately more happiness, we have to get on a path of behavioral change.

Technology (wearables and apps) can provide a powerful platform for qualified health, fitness and wellness practitioners of all stripes to help people make sustainable, long term changes via a data driven approach with a human touch.

What is your personal experience of the impact of wearable technologies on fitness & wellness?

What opportunities and/or threats do you foresee?

Leading from a place of being. A journey in personal mastery.

Through the course of our careers, no matter our title or hierarchical standing in the organization we belong to, we all have plenty of chances to exercise leadership. And likely all of us have personally experienced the wild diversity between inspiring and inept leaders. The former creating a motivating, efficient landscape, while the latter spirals entire teams into complete dysfunction.

It all comes doIMG_2918wn to choice.Bad leaders make reactive, unconscious choices for which they seldom take responsibility. Good leaders make proactive, conscious choices for which they take full ownership.

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Want to be more productive and inspire others?

What do you do after you wake up in the morning, get out of bed and brush your teeth?

Do you go check your email box? Perhaps you’ve done it
already because the iPhone lies next to you. What’s the status of your Twitter, FB, Pinterest, Google+? Any inquiry on your personal website? Has anyone contributed to your blog? How many voice mails do you have? What’s the latest news feed from CNN, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, CNN Money? How did the financial markets open?

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Wearable devices, Health apps, what’s next?

Natural Sculpture

Wearable devices such as FitBit, Nike’s Fuel Band, Jawbone Up, Body Media Fit and the upcoming Amiigo (just to mention few among the very many), are being hailed as revolutionary tools to put people in charge of their health and fitness. These devices capture and provide insightful data like heart rate, calories burned, stress level, sleep, exercise and even eating patterns. Together with smart phones and GPS devices they also feed another layer of cool apps like Strava, Runtastic, Mapmyfitness and many more (over 10,000 Health and Fitness apps exist on Apple store alone) that add a social-network motivational component to the user experience. Other apps like Myfitnesspal help users track the food they eat and their calorie intake. Gympact, Everymove and such offer external incentives to reward personal healthy choices. Continue reading